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    Code of Conduct - example - AOG style


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    Code of Conduct - example - AOG style

    Post by AOG-Gideon on Wed 3 Jun 2009 - 23:52

    First off, we are extremists with a purpose. Our rules are strict and breaking them gets you kicked quicker than you can say, "But I wasn't ..."

    1. Glitching
      Hacking or threatening to hack
      Hard Mods - lag switch, turbo controller, mod chip, pc reroute
      Vulgar behavior, language - tea bagging is ok, lol
      Teamkilling - There are only a couple circumstances that warrant a TK, the jerk is about to TK your entire squad because he C4'd the vehicle you are all in, Kill him. And a dude is jacking your team by blowing up the enemy objective. Stop him, he is a double agent.

    With that said, a few guidelines,
    If someone tells you that you are garbage, don't argue, it just gets worse. Just shut up and play.
    If you get teamkilled, either get him to TK you till he is kicked or find a way to avoid him.
    If someone is glitching inside a solid object, learn how to get in there, kill him and get out. By no means should you ever and I mean EVER kill an outsider while clearing a glitch.
    If someone tells you they are going to hack you, give them my name, AOG-Gideon, and tell them that I am the honeypot for hackers, lol. I will handle their foolish attempts. (Just use a real email address for your accounts please or you are doomed.)

    And last and most important -
    When you are in a clan, and even more important, a clan alliance like PVGA,
    The game is not how many points you get or how many kills you get. It is whether you win or lose.
    Teamwork will win 99% of the time over renegade, rogue, cowboys, and meat shields.
    You must be patient and willing to sacrafice your stats from time to time in order to win the game. Teamwork will get you promoted. Whereas running around letting your team get slaughtered while your badass gets all the points, will end up as a loss and you will get kicked for not being any help to the team.

    That is why ninjas don't make armies.


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    Re: Code of Conduct - example - AOG style

    Post by Bassmeant_RaW on Fri 5 Jun 2009 - 8:10

    The language thing has me a couple ways:

    1. i swear. we all know this. im working on it. but i still swear.

    2. push to talk might sorta make it moot. i mean, i wont need to PTT to say "fuck" cuz i got killed. Ill still say it, yall wont hear it

    3. now during a tournament or sponsored match, yeah im with you. it would be nice during a tournie or something like that if a "viewer" tuned in to our comm channel, they should hear something akin to military speak with very lil extraneous chatter. that would be sorta pro i think. also, will make it easier to air games on tv for audiences to watch.

    a very real point you made brother

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    Re: Code of Conduct - example - AOG style

    Post by AOG-Gideon on Fri 5 Jun 2009 - 22:22

    Don't get me wrong, I drop some words from time to time, but there is a difference between, "that fuckbag just knifed me again" and "shut your man pleaser and go down a bucket of moldy goat cum like your daddy does".
    One is an emotional expression and the other is just plain vulgar.

    Clan battles are strictly business.

    Which raises the question, What degree of cussing happens on military coms?

    "See You on the Battlefield"


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    Re: Code of Conduct - example - AOG style

    Post by Admin on Sat 6 Jun 2009 - 7:36

    im guessin descriptive

    "watch that fucking tank 12 oclock low."

    doubt there is much more time to do any extra.

    i guess i dont hear the "man pleaser" stuff.

    oh and i did notice the majority of the cursing is not directed like i dont hear interteam cursing at each other. i just hear a lotta cursing from the squad about stuff.

    granted if it was gonna be a tv watched, sponsored thing, the cursing has to go. i dunno though...

    in nascar, they are miced... i wonder what you hear from those drivers

    and we know that football and basketball curse. thats why they gotta turn the floor mics off to the tv outputs...

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    Re: Code of Conduct - example - AOG style

    Post by LSGH_HARMS_WAY on Mon 8 Jun 2009 - 9:52

    YOU ARE THE COMPANY YOU KEEP - Meaning: When you wear a clan tag, you represent all of those that wear the same tag as you. Like it or not, your actions and behavior on the field reflect directly on everyone else, and whether your kickin' ass or fuckin' up, your tag gets credit for your actions in the eyes of the community. Always represent with extreme class and integrity, or you let your brothers down, past, present, and future.

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    Re: Code of Conduct - example - AOG style

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