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    AOG Clan About Us


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    AOG Clan About Us Empty AOG Clan About Us

    Post by AOG-Gideon on Sat 30 May 2009 - 0:25

    AOG = Army Of God

    We are a clan built on the moral values of WWJD, What Would Jesus Do if he had a clan? LoL.
    Naw, we really just wanted to stand out yet represent a clean environment for players to gather.

    We don't allow, teamkilling, gitching, hacking, cheating, lag switching, vulgar language and/or behavior, racial slurs. The AOG player must have a clean name, something that Granny would approve of, and we strive to be good role models to other players.

    Many clans don't realize the impact we can have on kids.
    Some 13 year old joins a clan because he kicks butt and he is surrounded by bad language, bad behavior, adult topics, and then he takes that with him to his friends and it spreads.

    As adults, we have a moral obligation to not corrupt our youth and to help raise them to be good soldiers.


    So, with that said. Here we are, the AOG, the goodie two shoes that Daddy is proud of. We take ridicule but turn the other cheek... usually.


    As for the AOG and the PVGA, we are all in. My clan co-leads have been instructed to learn the tactics posted here and to implement them in our everyday play.
    Our goal is to become fluid with the tactics and to demmonstrate sound judgement and tactical support on a Team Level, rather than as a bunch of chickens without heads, running amuck.


    The AOG clan is always recruiting. If you like our clan integrity and feel that you would like to play with us, please message me... AOG-Gideon
    PSN = AOG-Gideon
    PVGA private message

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