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    MAG - subculture


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    MAG - subculture Empty MAG - subculture

    Post by Admin on Tue 9 Jun 2009 - 8:31

    I've been burned for bringing this up elsewhere...

    I was wondering if everyone understands the scope of mag?

    not just the gameplay but the ramifications of a tree and leaderboard system that come with built in competition? aside from the competition between factions to be the number 1, what about the gaining and losing of contracts? Those add perks to your team, good ones, ones your team might lose if they lose too many matches.

    MAG isnt like BF or CoD where each individual is experiencing their own responsability or lack there of for their own stats and nothing more.

    If every match counts and every win counts... then so do the losses.

    Some of the people looking forward 2 mag might come with the wrong perspective and not understand the damage they are doing while trying to learn how to play.

    And as always... does anyone see the alliance being useful for shaving the cheese from the roster and kicking and mutinying the ones that are holding the faction back?

    I foresee some problems in the future that aren't apparent now, because they will come from the subculture that the game brings with it.

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    MAG - subculture Empty Re: MAG - subculture

    Post by Douglas_G on Tue 9 Jun 2009 - 10:45

    One thing that all these games do have in common MAG BF CoD, is that if you dont play as a team you don't win. Its that simple.
    The way I see it with MAG is that the way it is set up, it will finally be the game that punishes the lone wolves, team killers, and asshatters. And it will reward those who play as a team and stick together.
    The alliance will be useful yes, especially as a screening tool for those we don't know how they want to play the game. And also as a knowledge base because everyone will end up knowing a little something that the next guy doesn't.

    I watched that MAG booth tour and I am very excited... I know how some of us play and what we can do when we stick together. And at least from what the vid shows how people weren't really sticking together. So when opponents try to stop us it will be like they put out a few rows of dominoes and expect it to stop a bowling ball.

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    MAG - subculture Empty Re: MAG - subculture

    Post by RaNGeR_RAW on Wed 10 Jun 2009 - 1:33

    mag hmmm.... this game will break alot of hardcore longtime cowboys.putting static in the other teams mic wow. dont get left behind on this one.

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