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    Getting Ready...


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    Getting Ready... Empty Getting Ready...

    Post by SmokeyMcPot on Wed 10 Jun 2009 - 13:43

    Whats up ya'll? can't wait for mag! gonna be good fun!, anyways we need to make sure that everyone is on the same page about a lot of stuff, ie what faction to join / know your role!! / team work / communication tho mag dosn't come out for awhile right now is the best time to get everybody sorted and ready so we can kick A$$ and hopefully some how get to the point where we can take down a tourny...when it does finally arrive..

    BF BC and '43 will be good steping stones to get rdy for mag, i've allready noticed improved play by some people on my friends list.... getting everybody trained is key tho for mag... 1 platoon of 2 4 man squads will have a similar feeling to BF BC and 43, even tho the grand battle scale will be bigger....

    here are some tings that we should be working on in the next coming months

    things to work on :
    team work - sticking together but not on top of each other, mini map is KEY! watch your mini map, watch your movements and your team around you and let your squad know what the F ur doing! remeber how we use to kick no mics? You must be a good team player. It isn't about how many kills or what your score ends up being. It's
    about what you add to the team. I would rather have a person that is able to focus on the little things than a big score maker on my team any day. Thinking for the team instead of yourself is vital.

    Infantry tactics - the combination of military concepts and methods used by infantry to achieve tactical objectives during combat. Modern infantry tactics vary with the type of infantry deployed. Armoured and mechanised infantry are moved and supported in action by vehicles , ie don't walk in front of the tank approaching bunkers but yet behind it! aha! so ez!
    Infantry Tactics is a very deep feild here some things to touch up on

    creeping barrage in which artillery fire is laid immediately in front of advancing infantry to clear any enemy in their way... motars! air strike! call in a airplane or chopper...

    Aggressive squad tactics - specifics in arms, and numbers, but the main goal is to advance by means of fire and movement with minimal casualties while maintaining unit effectiveness and control, move cover move

    skirmish line -the squad is deployed in a line roughly 60 paces long. It is suitable for short rapid dashes but was not easy to control. The squad wedge was an alternative to the skirmish line and was suitable for ready movement in any direction or for emerging from cover. Wedges were often used away from the riflemen's range of fire as it was much more vulnerable than the skirmish line.

    In some instances, especially when a squad was working independently to seize an enemy position, the commander ordered the squad to attack in sub-teams. "Team Able", made up of two riflemen scouts, would locate the enemy; "Team Baker", comprised of a BAR man and three riflemen, would open fire. "Team Charlie", made up of the squad leader and the last five riflemen, would make the assault. The assault is given whenever possible and without regard to the progress of the other squads. After the assault, the squad advanced, dodging for cover, and the bayonets were fixed. They would move rapidly toward the enemy, firing and advancing in areas occupied by hostile soldiers. Such fire would usually be delivered in a standing position at a rapid rate. After taking the enemy's position, the commander would either order his squad to defend or continue the advance.

    Flanking - You Flank because generally the sides and rear are the most vulnerable points in defensive positions. make sure you have enough goin on in the middle to cover your flanking manuver...

    Cover - It's important to remember to protect your Silhouette. The key of Camouflage is to make it harder to see your outline and to try and blend into your environment. It's important to place yourself in areas that make it harder to see you.
    Hard Cover is anything that hides you and offers protection. Such as, a brick wall, building, or a car. Soft cover is anything that helps hide you but doesn't offer protection. Such as, a bush. A bush helps you hide but it won't stop bullets ;-)

    Defence- Victory goes to the side able to concentrate the most fire on target most quickly. Generally, you should be ordered to hold fire until the enemy is within 600 metres (660 yards) or closer, when you open fire on mainly large targets(tanks/ hummers / choppers) individuals foot soldiers should be fired upon only from 400 meters or closer, HOLDING YOUR GROUND! don't let them have the Bunker/ hill / flag / don't give em a inch!

    like to see some or your guys inputs cause i know i missed a lot of stuff so keep adding it to this post...

    well lets get it together people , the war is coming...practice this every time you play... team work! good luck and see you on the battle field...

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    Getting Ready... Empty Re: Getting Ready...

    Post by RaNGeR_RAW on Wed 10 Jun 2009 - 15:28

    all well put smoke. its all basic stuff.pair up use the battle buddy concept.make your team inf/Anti-armor.your right cb's are coming we all know its a diffrent game.much faster.and the level of play is much tuffer.its time to prepare for playing real players and not waxn noobs.

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    Getting Ready... Empty Re: Getting Ready...

    Post by AOG-Gideon on Sun 14 Jun 2009 - 2:04

    RaNGeR_RAW wrote:all well put smoke. its all basic stuff.pair up use the battle buddy concept.make your team inf/Anti-armor.your right cb's are coming we all know its a diffrent game.much faster.and the level of play is much tuffer.its time to prepare for playing real players and not waxn noobs.

    ~ Word, bro, word

    "See You on the Battlefield"

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    Getting Ready... Empty Re: Getting Ready...

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