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    BF2MC Servers are shutting down


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    BF2MC Servers are shutting down

    Post by AOG-Gideon on Sun 30 Aug 2009 - 18:33

    Systematic shutdown has begun. They removed the majority of available servers and turned stats tracking off for everybody. They deleted the clan stats and admitted they will not be enabling stat tracking.

    For those still playing it, we feel for you.

    Please go to and sign the petition. We will send it to EA after we have enough signatures. Let's help our brothers keep their Battlefield.

    "See You on the Battlefield"

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    Re: BF2MC Servers are shutting down

    Post by LSGH_LIL-GHOST on Mon 31 Aug 2009 - 11:26

    Jeez, that realy sux... I don't even know wut to say... didn't think it would happen this soon.

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    Re: BF2MC Servers are shutting down

    Post by [AOG]_Kerstov on Wed 2 Sep 2009 - 5:27

    I signed the petition as well, but when I typed a message, it never appeared. Only thing that appeared was the signature, that's it.

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    Re: BF2MC Servers are shutting down

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