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    Lag Switch/Hardwire Modifications



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    Lag Switch/Hardwire Modifications

    Post by Admin on Tue 9 Jun 2009 - 8:26

    What is the community view on hardwired modifications or lag switches?

    Aside from proper use for physical disability, are all hardwired or physical mods to the console or controller out?


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    Re: Lag Switch/Hardwire Modifications

    Post by Douglas_G on Tue 9 Jun 2009 - 10:34

    Out. Absolutely. No mods is the only way to assure a level playing field for everyone.

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    Re: Lag Switch/Hardwire Modifications

    Post by AOG-Gideon on Fri 12 Jun 2009 - 18:05

    Out! Evil or Very Mad
    I agree. We will never get a sponsership of any kind or be allowed to compete on a pro level if we have even one single member pulling that crap.

    "See You on the Battlefield"

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    Re: Lag Switch/Hardwire Modifications

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